Sustainable Future, Hong Kong Tales
Tai Ngai-lung – Portraits

“Development that sacrifices the welfare of the innocent is evil.  The government said that since Hong Kong is running out of land for new housing developments, we will therefore need to build three new towns in northeastern New Territories.  By the same logic, we can also argue that because Hong Kong needs more land, we should confiscate all the vacant lands that are owned by the property developers so we can build new houses for the people.  Under the new towns proposal, most of the land will be used for private development, not subsidised housing.  This is wrong. 

As a photographer, I should use my camera to do something to change the unjust. Having spent some time working closely with the villagers, my life is now somehow connected to theirs.  It seems like I have become one of them.”  

Issue: #008 - 15 July 2013
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