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Did you know? - DIY orange flavoured light beer

Water Kefir is a traditional drink, and is rich in probiotics and lactic acid, and tastes like a light beer. There are a lot of water kefir expert at the “Kefir handcraft food workshop” Facebook group, and this is my recipe by combining the essence of all these recipes.

Personally I prefer water kefir, which tastes a bit like a fizzy light beer, with is a very soothing drink. Since it is fermented by sugar, this drink contains less than 1% of alcohol after sugar has been decomposed.

Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of water kefir, 500 cc water, 2 tablespoons of sugar (cane sugar/brown sugar/molasses) – any type of sugar is fine as long as the ratio of the ingredients and the fermentation time is accurate.

Fermentation: 24 to 48 hours in room temperature – it depends on the actual temperature. You can start fermentation before work in the morning, and then let it fermentate for a day, and then put it into the fridge before you go to work the next day, and it will be ready by the time you return home after work.

Completion: pour the entire water kefir into a sieve, and the sieved liquid is the drink. You can rinse the kefir in the sieve and reproduce again by adding in water and sugar again; you can also put the kefir into the fridge to rest for one or two days.

Taste: You can add in orange, ginger or any kinds of fruits that you want into the water kefir drink, and to fermentate it for a second time in room temperate for half a day, and it will become orange water kefir drink, or lemon water kefir drink, which will taste a bit like a light beer.

You can receive the kefir for free at our Facebook group!

Issue: #010 - 16 September 2013
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