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Lui Hoi-ping, mother of two, Wan Chai resident
  • Ah Ping
  • Ah Ping enjoys her time alone at home

What do you like the most about Hong Kong?

 “I like Wan Chai, the people here are helpful.  I moved to Hong Kong from the mainland.  I’ve always lived in Wan Chai since I came to Hong Kong.  My children go to school in Wan Chai.   I work in a local grocery store that sells environmentally-friendly food when I have time.  I’m friends with my colleagues as well as with the mothers of my children’s classmates.  We meet often, we enjoy each other’s company and we help out one another.  I like the close relationships we have formed in Wan Chai.”


What do you dislike the most about Hong Kong?

“Food and rent in Hong Kong are expensive.  We have a minimum wage in Hong Kong but it doesn’t really help because things are expensive.  One catty of vegetables at the market is half the minimum hourly wage.  We are living under enormous pressure.”


What does Hong Kong have to do to be sustainable?

“Things should be cheaper in Hong Kong.  The government should provide more assistance to low-income families to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor.”


Issue: #011 - 15 October 2013
Ah Ping
Ah Ping enjoys her time alone at home
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