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Tony Mui Heung-on, Occupation: Owner of a hi-fi company
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Lives in: North Point

Sham Shui Po connection connection: Regular visitor to Apliu Street in his youth.

“I was born and grew up in Central, but I’ve always hung out in Sham Shui Po ever since I was a kid.  In those days, there’s no Cross-Harbour Tunnel, so the ferry was the only way to get to Kowloon.  To get to Apliu Street, I took the ferry from Central, after getting off the ferry, there’s still a little walk before you’d get to Apliu Street.  The waterfront was crowded with fishing boats.  Freshly-caught fish and seafood were sold at the pier.  It was a busy place. 

In those days, there weren’t many shops.  Goods were laid out on mats on the street, and that’s where I went to shop for electronic parts.  With the parts I could make a radio or to repair electrical appliances. 

Roast goose is my favourite dish.  I’d usually end each weekly visit to Apliu Street with a roast goose meal.  In the old days, foodies would go to Sham Shui Po for Chinese sweet soup desserts and roast goose.  There was a very popular stall at the junction outside where the computer arcade is today. They’d roast their goose in a big oven on the street. It’s quite a sight.  I’d always treat myself to a bowl of roast goose rice before going home.  It’d make me feel really fulfilled.”

Issue: #019 - 14 July 2014
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