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Common Macaranga

Scientific name: Macaranga tanarius
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Growing habit: Evergreen tree
Flowering period: April to May

Detailed description

Common Macaranga is a native tree with a height of about 5-10 metres. The leaf blade is in subrotund or ovate shape. The leaf stalk connects to the centre of the leaf instead of the edge. The common name Elephant’s Ear comes from the leaf shape that resembles an elephant’s ear, which makes it rather easy to identify. When the branch of Common Macaranga is broken, it discharges fluid that turns red after oxidation, as if it was bleeding, which explains how it got its Chinese name “Blood Macaranga”. This tree can tolerate windy environments with high salinity, commonly found on roadsides and coastal areas.


Issue: #044 - 21 January 2022
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