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India-rubber Tree

Scientific name: Ficus elastica
Family: Moraceae
Growing habit: Evergreen tree
Flowering period: September to November

Detailed Description

India-rubber tree is a large evergreen tree of the family Moraceae and genus Ficus. It used to be an important source of natural rubber. The trunk and stems discharge a milky latex when being cut. The height of the India-rubber tree can reach up to 20-30m with a widespread canopy. Leaves are large, thick, and leathery in an oblong shape, with a shiny and smooth surface. The bark is greyish white, with the presence of aerial roots. Aerial roots grow in a widespread manner. When they touch the ground, they become thicker and form new branches. India-rubber tree‘s flowering and fruiting periods are both from September to November. It has hypanthodium inflorescences.

Issue: #044 - 21 January 2022
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