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Botanical Art|Opposite-leaved Fig

Opposite-leaved Fig

Scientific name: Ficus hispida
Family: Moraceae
Growing habit: Evergreen tree
Flowering period: March to December

Detailed Description

Opposite-leaved Fig is a shrub or small tree under the family Moraceae and genus Ficus. It is named as “Milky Tree” since the tree discharges milky latex when the petiole (stalk joining leaf to stem) is broken. Unlike its family members, it is easily recognisable by its opposite leaves. Leaves are rough on both sides with stiff hairs. Branches have ring-like scars. Many green “fruits” grow on the tree trunk of the Opposite-leaved Fig. In fact, they are hypanthodium inflorescences (enclosed inflorescences with a small opening), with tiny flowers blooming in the syconium. The tree bears fruits from May to October.

Issue: #044 - 21 January 2022
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