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Botanical Art|Queen Crape Myrtle

Queen Crape Myrtle

Scientific name: Lagerstroemia speciosa
Family: Lythraceae
Growing habit: Deciduous tree
Flowering period: May to July

Detailed Description

Queen Crape Myrtle is a large deciduous tree that originated from Southeast Asia, with an average height of 20m. Its bark is grey in colour and leaves are in large oblong-elliptic or oblong-ovate shapes. Leaves change from orange-red to deep red before falling. The flowering season of the Queen Crape Myrtle flower is from May to July. Its purple-red flowers have six petals, crisped at the margin. Queen Crape Myrtle has beautiful flowers and red leaves, making it enjoyable to look at. The straight tree trunk occupies little space, therefore it is a popular street tree and ideal species for garden landscapes in urban areas.

Issue: #044 - 21 January 2022
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