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Eleanor FU: Strolling in Tin Wan

Eleanor FU
22 years old
Assistant Designer
Lived in Tin Wan for eight years. 

 “I have been living in Tin Wan for eight years.  I like Tin Wan.  Situated between Aberdeen and Wah Fu Estate, the area enjoys the convenience of Aberdeen but maintains the tranquility of a residential neighbourhood.  Tin Wan is small but has the shops and market for daily necessities.  If I need something special, such as electrically appliances or fancy stationary, I get them from Aberdeen. 

There is a sense of belonging among the people because it is a small neighbourhood.  The fishmonger in the market tells me when to go to the market for fresh seafood just off the fishing boats.   I’m always able to purchase the freshest crab, fish and shrimp.  On holidays, I like to stroll along the waterfront.  It’s a nice walk between Tin Wan and Wah Kwai Estate.  Along the waterfront, I see people fishing and walking their dogs.  There are some street cats in a carpark nearby.  I bring along some cat food just to feed them.

From my home, I can see the coastlines of Ap Lei Chau and South Horizons.  In the summer days, I see fishing boats leave for the open sea.  In winter days, I see them returning to the typhoon shelter.  Gradually, the typhoon shelter is filled with boats and becomes crowded.  There is an elderly home in the hills of Tin Wan.  I once worked there as a volunteer.  The surroundings of the elderly home made me feel I am in the country park.  I am surrounded by big and leafy trees.  I don’t usually go to other parts of town expect for work. 

Talking about work, I work in Wan Chai.  The Aberdeen Tunnel is the most annoying part of living in Tin Wan.  The traffic is unpredictable.  It can take 15 minutes to get to Causeway Bay.  There are also times that it takes more than 45 minutes and I am still trapped in the tunnel.  I hate the Aberdeen Tunnel.  The other drawbacks are hotels and tourists.  Three hotels have been built in Tin Wan in recent years.  As a result, the formerly quiet residential area is flooded by tourists.  They are very noisy, especially tourists from mainland China.  They ruin the tranquility of this small residential community.”

Issue: #026 - 15 July 2016
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