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"The world is no good. We are ashamed. We brought you to this world, but didn't provide an ideal environment. But you've seen, you've known, and you're young; you can construct a brave new world based on your ideals."

My City, Saisai

Lebbeck Tree|Albizia lebbeck|Mimosaceae|Deciduous tree|Flowering period: May to September
Issue: #044
Frangipani|Plumeria rubra 'Acutifolia'|Apocynaceae|Deciduous tree|Flowering period: March to September
Issue: #044
Bamboo Palm|Dypsis lutescens|Arecaceae|Evergreen palm|Flowering period: March to April
Issue: #044
Common Red-stem Fig|Ficus variegata|Moraceae|Evergreen tree|Flowering period: March to December
Issue: #044
Dwarf Ixora|Ixora chinensis|Rubiaceae|Evergreen shrub|Flowering period: July to December
Issue: #044
第四季「香港時地人」社區達人招募 Hong Kong Faces and Places: Semester 4
Nose in the Books 3/F, 54 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay
The Diarist's note
30 March 2022

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