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Diarist's Notes
14 July 2014

Whether you're a local, an expat or a tourist, there should be little dispute that Apliu Street in Sham Shui Po is one of the most fascinating places in Hong Kong. Super noisy and super crowded, you can find all sorts of brand-new or second-hand electronic devices, audio-visual equipment and telecommunications products sold at bargain-basement prices in this street market. However, Apliu Street hasn't always been characterized by the hustle and bustle that we see today. In the July edition of Urban Diary, Tony Miu and Gary Ng tells us how Ap Liu Street has evolved from a quiet street to the mecca of electronics that it is today.

The exhibition 'Tales of Sham Shui Po' has been on display at three locations: an apparel shop at 246 Tung Chau Street in Sham Shui Po, the Inmediahk office at Foo Tak Building in Wan Chai, and the Wan Chai Ferry Pier. After three months, it is now time to round up the project. For those who did not have the opportunity to check out the exhibition, we've uploaded the 'Tales of Sham Shui Po' videos so more people can meet the interviewees and listen to their narratives on the district.

The narratives are personal as well as public. In the face of urban renewal lead gentrification, the day-to-day experiences of Sham Shui Po kaifong are the most powerful testimony that the district is a living space of the people. Any development or redevelopment must not upset their lives and the space that their lives rely on.

Chloe Lai

Diarist's Notes