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未來故事 永續香港|Sustainable Future, Hong Kong Tales

Forgotten Lantau: Tales of Shui Hau

Book - HK$138

Editor: Chloe Lai

Research, interview & text: Frankie Choy & Leo Huang

Photography: Leo Huang

Translation: Jenny Li

Chinese language editors: Jenny Li & Chio Hio-tong

English language editor: Charlie Lam

Proofreading: Teresa Ho

Advisors: Kenneth To & Cheung Hoi-yee

Book design: One Bite Design Studio Limited

Publisher: Integer Foundation Association

Distributor: Integer Foundation Association

Edition: First edition published in 2017

ISBN: 978-988-77771-0-6

In the past, the distribution of ports and dwellings of people were closely connected. Located in Southern Lantau, Shui Hau Village once played an important role in Hong Kong's maritime history. Forgotten Lantau: Tales of Shui Hau offers eleven portraits of people living in Shui Hau. The book re-captures a different Hong Kong, one that was free from, and is resisting, rapid urbanisation. Apart from buffalos and butterflies, the stories of villagers, settlers, and visitors together compose the tranquil village of Shui Hau.