Urban Diary
未來故事 永續香港|Sustainable Future, Hong Kong Tales

The Wright Chronicle

DVD - HK$100

Executive producer: Chloe Lai

Assistant producer: Elaine Wong

Cinematography: James Kinsman

Editing: Mily Choi

English subtitle: Mily Choi

Chinese subtitle: Charlie Lam

Transcription: Charlie Lam

Feature running time: approximately 52 minutes

Born in Hong Kong more than a century ago, Alec Michael John Wright (1912-2018) witnessed both the dire needs and prosperous growth of Hong Kong. As a senior government architect, he was instrumental to the post-war public architecture, which shaped Hong Kong's unique cityscape. In The Wright Chronicle, Michael Wright narrates his stories from a first-person perspective, composing a precious documentary of the events that helped shape modern Hong Kong. (Michael Wright has passed away peacefully in London on 26 January, 2018.)