Urban Diary
未來故事 永續香港|Sustainable Future, Hong Kong Tales

Urban Diary

Book - HK$198

Author: Chloe Lai

Photographer: Tai Ngai-lung

Editor: Hung Wing-hei

Copy editor: Lee Ka-yee & Lai Chit-shun Jackson

Book design: noonhappyhour

Proofreading: Hung Wing-hei, Lee Ka-yee & Lai Chit-shun Jackson

Publisher: Spicy Fish Cultural Production Ltd.

Distributor: SUP Publishing Logistics (HK) Limited

Edition: First edition published in 2015

ISBN: 978-988-13751-1-7

Hong Kong is often seen as a capitalist haven, with urban renewal and real estate speculation happening every day. The city devours all traces of personal or collective memory, and the ordinary people lacks living space. It is in this context that Urban Diary has interviewed the grassroots and the ordinary, documenting their experiments in community preservation and cultural inheritance. Readers are encouraged to imagine different proposals for a sustainable future. Urban Diary believes that action and participation are keys to a sustainable way of life.