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未來故事 永續香港|Sustainable Future, Hong Kong Tales

Rhymes of Shui Hau

DVD - HK$138

Director: Chan Ho-lun Fredie

Executive producer: Chloe Lai

Wai Tau Waa transcription: Mink Chan, Chris Chu, The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society

Written Cantonese transcription: Hung Wing Hei, Michelle Fong

English translation: Haider Kikabhoy, Charlie Lam

Feature running time: approximately 50 minutes

"Slap my thighs / start a rhythm and sing folk songs / I have no wife so everyone laughs at me / I'll marry a few when I get rich"

Folk songs are often carriers of disappearing local cultures. Rhymes of Shui Hau records a story of three grannies and their Wai Tau Waa folk songs in a Lantau Village. Their songs, which ranges from stories of romance to portraits of the natural habitat, transform the mundane into the lyrical. Fun but also thought-provoking, the documentary reflects on the preservation and inheritance of a precious dialect. The folk songs are also translated into Cantonese and English as part of the preservation efforts.