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"In your eyes, this cake is the world of martial arts. To me it's the whole world. There is only progress  with imperfection. If it's really useful, southern martial arts will spread beyond northern China, right?

The Grandmaster (Wong Kar-wai)

Issue: #039
Issue: #039
Issue: #039
Issue: #039
Issue: #039
Memorial Screening: The Wright Chronicle
03:30 - 05:30 p.m.
The Special Exhibitions and Events Gallery, Hong Kong Maritime Museum (Central Pier No. 8, Hong Kong)
The Diarist's note
11 September 2019
Zoie Lam Ngai-yee is the heroine of this edition’s Urban Diary.  Zoie designs unisex fashion.  Her brand, ZL by Zlism can be found in stores across London, Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore and Taipei.  As a much sought-after illustrator, Zoie creates colourful, funny and kind-hearted characters for the imaginary Planet Zlism, which frequently appear in artistic projects of multinationals.  Zoie is also a mural artist who uses paintings to brighten up the cityscape.  She uses her time between commercial projects to contribute to local communi
Chloe Lai
Chloe Lai
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Urban Diary is a non-profit initiative. We promote sustainability through narrating community stories, building digital databases, and organising community events. Cities are multi-layered and multifaceted and we use text, audio, illustrations and moving images to capture its complexity. In Urban Diary, we believe that people’s everyday tales are pivotal to comprehending cities and to building a sustainable future.

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