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Diarist's Notes
28 April 2018

Sophia So is the unsung hero we feature for the 2018 May edition of Urban Diary.   A long-time friend of the Urban Diary team, our photographer Tai Ngai-lung has photo collection of the exhibition that Sophia showcased her Redevelopment Hegemony game three years ago.  Therefore the portraits of Sophia are a combination of new and old. 

Featuring Sophia and sharing her story with the community has been in my mind since I first learnt her story of displacement nearly 10 years ago.  Her story speaks vividly the damages made by a government-sponsored development regime.  But the displacement alone would not make Sophia the unsung hero we feature.  It is her commitment to make the city fairer and more compassionate that make Sophia admirable.  Sophia uses her knowledge to safeguard the rights of victims of brutal capitalism.   On top of teaching, she has been busy monitoring the work condition of multinational licensees to safeguarding the rights of thousands of family-run shops severely hurt by Hong Kong’s first real estate investment trust’s determination to maximise profit.  I hope you will appreciate Sophia as much as the Urban Diary team. 

Chloe Lai

Diarist's Notes