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Diarist's Notes
11 September 2019

Zoie Lam Ngai-yee is the heroine of this edition’s Urban Diary.  Zoie designs unisex fashion.  Her brand, ZL by Zlism can be found in stores across London, Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore and Taipei.  As a much sought-after illustrator, Zoie creates colourful, funny and kind-hearted characters for the imaginary Planet Zlism, which frequently appear in artistic projects of multinationals.  Zoie is also a mural artist who uses paintings to brighten up the cityscape.  She uses her time between commercial projects to contribute to local communities as well. Recently, she has painted a mural for Hong Kong’s first humanities library, and hosted mural art lessons for students in Taiwan. 

Despite the recognition that Zoie receives in the creative sector, there is little meaningful information about her work in her hometown.  The most detailed interviews, press coverage prior to her fashion shows in London and Berlin, are articles written in English and German.   

To fill the knowledge gap, our writer Teresa Tsui, who is also a fan of Zoie’s work, penned a story about the artist.  We hope you will admire Zoie as much as we do after reading Teresa’s piece.  

Chloe Lai

Diarist's Notes