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Hong Kong Faces and Places Graduation Exhibition: Dear Communities

3/3/2023 (Fri) - 12/3/2023 (Sun)

12:00 - 19:00

Urban Sky, 9/F Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay

Sparked by curiosity, an ode to communities is born through fond and meticulous on-site observations, pondering, interviews and experiments.

How encompassing and embracing can a community possibly be? In the same neighbourhood, some want to learn more about people with different identities, while others are fascinated by the fauna and flora around them. Just when we think we know enough about a community, there will always be new surprises under another lens. 

This exhibition showcases individual creative works by semester IV to VI participants of “Hong Kong Faces and Places”. Applying knowledge and skills learnt in workshops, they dedicated their works to our beloved community. Among the three semesters, semester V is an advanced semester, in which only previous participants from introductory semesters would be invited for further pursuit.

In the introductory semester, participants were encouraged to understand the community through multiple perspectives. Workshops included narrative therapy, non-fiction storytelling, ecocriticism, urban ecology and design of exploration walks. To further discover the endless possibilities of communities, we added two workshops in the advanced semester, namely land economy as well as urban and architectural design, on top of adjusting the content of narrative therapy and two ecology classes.

In support of sustainability, all tables, chairs and light boxes at the exhibition are either recycled furniture, or going to be recycled after the show. You are cordially invited to unfold the tabletops, explore the exhibits, and journey through a myriad of communities under different poetic and attentive lenses.

*Supported by The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Hong Kong

Enquiries: hkfacesnplaces@gmail.com