Urban Diary
未來故事 永續香港|Sustainable Future, Hong Kong Tales

Urban Diary Outdoor Screening & Sharing Session



Comix Home Base, Mallory Street, Wan Chai

Host: Billy Kwan

Guest Speakers:

Fredie Chan (Director of "30 Houses and the Hungry Ghost Festival")

Nate Chan (Director of "Sau-ping: Storyteller")

Wong Sau-ping

"30 Houses and the Hungry Ghost Festival" -- Wong
Kun-oi (Uncle Sai) has been holding the baton of the
annual Hungry Ghost ceremony for 22 years, and also a
core member of the 30 Houses. He will tell you stories
about this traditional ceremony.

"Sau-ping: Storyteller" -- Wong Sau-ping is a middle-
aged housewife. Her life and living have been closely-
knitted with Wan Chai and she is going to tell you
stories about Wan Chai in the old days.