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未來故事 永續香港|Sustainable Future, Hong Kong Tales

Tai Hang Fire Dragon

Every Mid-Autumn Festival, tens of thousands of people flock to Tai Hang to see the annual Fire Dragon Dance and share its well wishes. This uniquely Tai Hang tradition has been going on since 1880. Putting together the dance, year after year, requires tremendous commitment from every member of the community. The people of Tai Hang are able to do so because they are remarkably proud of their community and tradition.

This Urban Diary production takes you on a journey to the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance. We talked to Chan Tak-fai, commander-in-chief of the annual event, and Tsang Kat-hing, owner of Kat Kee Auto-repairing Company. Through their personal encounters with the Fire Dragon, we have a glimpse on why this century-old tradition can weather all sorts of challenges. But what makes Tai Hang strong may soon be history. Many long-time residents have already moved out. They left because their homes were target of the lucrative urban redevelopment plans.