Urban Diary
未來故事 永續香港|Sustainable Future, Hong Kong Tales
Diarist's Notes
19 December 2012

Welcome to the first instalment of Urban Diary. Every month, we’ll share the stories of two inspiring individuals, hear their views on Hong Kong and find out what we can do to make our city sustainable.  

The Diary begins with Hui Fai and Rachel Pang, a husband-and-wife team doing their bit to help the environment.

In early 2011, Ah Fai quitted his high-flying, well-paid job in the IT business to become a full-time organic farmer because he believes agriculture has a big role to play in stopping climate change.  Rachel, a lawyer specialising in intellectual property rights, not only lends her husband unreserved support, but she also takes action to further their shared commitment to sustainable living.  Since she believes that buying less is an effective way to lower carbon emission, she runs an online second-hand clothes adoption programme in her free time, free-of-charge, to help fashion-conscious Hong Kongers recycle their outfits.  I got to know this admirable couple through Rachel’s relentless efforts to make more people aware of the little-known grassroots initiatives that are being pursued to turn Hong Kong into a sustainable city.  Whether it is Ah Fai, Rachel, or the other individuals that we will be celebrating in the coming issues, they are all vivid proof that many are taking action to make Hong Kong sustainable.  Their entrepreneurial creativity gives lie to the stereotype that Hong Kong is only a hard-working financial centre and not much else. In fact, this city is more interesting, diverse and sophisticated than is often appreciated, and wonders await those who dare to do things just a little bit differently. 

Chloe Lai

Diarist's Notes