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Diarist's Notes
25 July 2016

Urban Diary continues issue 27 with in-depth interviews with kaifong from Ap Lei Chau. We explore their feelings about Ap Lei Chau’s transformation in recent years. Our interviewees include Edward Chan, manager of the Facebook page “Ap Lei Chau Metamorphosis”, hiking enthusiast Joey Leung, as well as the Diary’s own reporter Ray Yiu.

In our exploration of Ap Lei Chau, we witness the daily tension between the old and new. In recent years, Ap Lei Chau Main Street has been hailed as the “Tsukiji of Hong Kong”, attracting tourists into the area. On the other hand, there are a handful of elderly homes on Main Street, offering a quiet quarter for its aging population. Today’s Ap Lei Chau features residential projects next to hundred year-old shops, as well as older generations next to incoming residents.

Urban Diary has always wanted to fill up the gaps of history with kaifong stories. Hoping to see the island from a different angle, we have edited our stories into “Ap Lei Chau: Island of Plenty”. Our interviewees in the current issue belong to a younger generation of Ap Lei Chau residents. In our next issue, we come back with more stories from an older generation of kaifong.

Interviews: Ray YIU
Photography: TAI Ngai Lung
Photos provided by: KO Tim Keung, Information Services Department, Public Records Office

Charlie Lam

Diarist's Notes