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Diarist's Notes

Fresh Things under the Moonlight

25 February 2024

Since I took charge of the "Hong Kong Faces and Places" project, which has undergone five semesters, I have never felt bored. Each semester brings new challenges because the participants have different personalities and backgrounds.

With ten individuals of varying passions, there are ten different community stories they wish to record. For example, in the eighth semester, there were stories about the weedy plants in Kam Tin, the Duckling Hill in Hang Hau, the recreational space for youths in Yau Tong, the absent squares in Tuen Mun public housing estates, an old kaifong in San Po Kong, the rooftop playground in Tsuen Wan's street market, as well as exploring their parents' daily lives and engaging in games at the Flower Market and exploring So Kon Po. Between the two consultations in the eighth semester, many participants changed their topics significantly due to various factors. We adapted and provided guidance, accompanying them in completing their assignments.

The sparks between the participants are also unpredictable. Workshops and meetings for their collective community exploration mostly take place at night, and participants first meet on the welcoming night. Through weekly meetings, they build trust, listen to each other, learn together, and collaborate, becoming friends. This connection is not guaranteed but relies on favourable circumstances. The participants in the eighth semester are truly incredible, often giving me an illusion as if they have known each other for a long time. These ten individuals frequently meet outside of class, having late-night dinners, strolling the streets, and even taking the stage to sing passionately in a Temple Street karaoke lounge, forming an unprecedented level of familiarity.

There is an old saying, "There is nothing new under the sun." While that may be debatable, under the moonlight, there are indeed many fresh things. Over the past few months, we have witnessed the birth of a community. It can be said that this is the greatest surprise in organising this eighth semester of the programme.

Leanne Wong

Diarist's Notes